czwartek, 11 czerwca 2015

TED: Joe Landolina and his biomedical gel


I want to share with you a video in which a Joe Laolina inventor and biomedical enginieer talks about his recent invention the VITE-GEL. 

Awesome isn't it? Just think about all this possibilities! For example it could be such a great improvement for people with hemophilia or we could use it insted of adhestive bandages(imagine that insted of learning how to dress injuries with Mr Zając you can simply apply some gel on the wound). By the way it reminds me of medi-gel from Mass effect franchise.

In case if you find some words or phrases too difficult I have prepared a quizlet for you.

I also attach a few links to sites where will you find thing or two about latest scientic discoveries, interesting articles and films:

As a exercise I have prepared three discusion questions, hope that you will like them:

  • What is in your opinion the greatest dicovery\invention  of the XXI century?
  • in which spheres life or industry will the VITE-GEL be used?
  • make a statement if it is good to use gel for military purpose?

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